Clinical Case

Clinical Case

In it is strives to promote excellence in clinical practice and high-quality orthodontic treatment among its members, the Saudi Orthodontic Society (SOS) would like to announce the start of accepting submissions for the SOS Excellence in Clinical Practice Prize.

Eligibility Criteria

All applicant must be a member of the Saudi Orthodontic Society (SOS) or IADR Saudi Arabia division. Applicants must be in good standing with the SOS and their appropriate professional bodies.

Entry Details:

Please find the attached guidelines for further details. To ensure objectivity of the evaluation process, please do not deviate from the standard format. To be considered for participation, you are required to submit three files: a case work-file, a patient consent/ release form and a participation form. All files should be submitted in an “unlocked PDF format”.

The Prize for First Place is 3750 SR (1000 USD)

Submission Deadline:
Entries submitted by last day of 15.01.2023

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