Covid-19 Research

Covid-19 Research

In line with the effort of preventing COVID-19 in dentistry, The Saudi orthodontic society in collaboration with IDAR would like to invite abstracts for research that is topical to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Submission Guidelines

All applicants must be a member of the Saudi Orthodontic Society (SOS) or IADR Saudi Arabia division. Applicants must be in good standing with the SOS and their appropriate professional bodies.
  1. 01 Research must have an impact on the field of Dentistry.
  2. 02 Abstract must be submitted in English with a clear Title
  3. 03 Abstract should not exceed 300 words and should be presented under the following subheadings: Objectives, Methods; Results; Conclusions
  4. 04 Abstracts must be submitted through the abstract portal only. No submission by E-mail is allowed.
  5. 05 Research projects involving humans or animals submitted to any category, ethical approval from an official IRB must be submitted
  6. 06 All submissions will undergo a review process by the scientific committee before a decision is made. Abstracts will be evaluated on the scientific quality of the presented work.

The Prize for First Place is 3750 SR (1000 USD)

Submission Deadline:
Entries submitted by last day of 02.10.2021

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