Research Proposal for Digital Orthodontic

Research Proposal for Digital Orthodontic

In line with Saudi Arabia 2030 vision, the SOS is announcing a new competition award, the best research proposal in digital orthodontic, the aim of the competition is to encourage and support the researcher in Saudi Arabia in the filed of digital orthodontics.

Submission Guidelines

All applicants must be a member of the Saudi Orthodontic Society (SOS) or IADR Saudi Arabia division. Applicants must be in good standing with the SOS and their appropriate professional bodies.
  1. 01 The proposal must be in English and must be no more than 300 words.
  2. 02 Originality of the proposal
  3. 03 Clear proposal aims and objectives
  4. 04 Description of research methodology
  5. 05 The likely impact of the research on the Orthodontic.
  6. 06 Submissions will undergo a review process by the scientific committee before a decision is made. Proposal will be evaluated on the likely benefit to the field of orthodontics.

The Prize for First Place is 3750 SR (1000 USD)

Submission Deadline:
Entries submitted by last day of 02.10.2021

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