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Dental Care During Braces
Admin Important articles for patients


  • 1- Brushing can be more difficult when you have braces. The braces tend to make cleaning harder, three times of brushing is mandatory. These tips may help you keep your teeth cleaner and your breath fresher. Brush correctly as if you had no bands on. Start on the outside of the uppers with the bristles at a 45°. Brush with a circular motion 2 teeth at a time, at least 10 strokes in each area. Be sure the tips of the bristles reach under the wires to the gums. Work from the right to left on the upper, and then do the same on the lower teeth. Use the same pattern and brush the inner surfaces of the upper, and then the lower teeth. Brush the chewing surfaces last. Concentrate in dangerous zone between bands, brackets & gum When you have finished, the bands and wires should be free of all food particles and the soft, white coatings, called plaque. The bands should look clean and shiny.
  • 2- Flossing is recommended during braces, nightly after brushing use a floss threader between gums and braces Floss carefully around the brace Floss carefully around the gum area Floss carefully around each tooth 3- Additional tools for oral hygiene can be used e.g inter-proximal brush, water-pick, sonic toothbrush & Mouthwash.